Written by: Miranda Logan

This month’s new moon will be on August 11th and will be in the astrological sign of Leo.

On this night we will also experience a partial solar eclipse. This will be our third and last solar eclipse of the year. Eclipse season can be turbulent, but we are soon to emerge on the other side. All the struggle, stagnation, difficult communication, and disruption to our lives and relationships that came with this eclipse season should soon clear. Though the energy will mellow out, we are still expected to continue with our work. It is important to be mindful of the lessons you have learned during the past few months and to carry them with you moving forward. This eclipse season has provided us with the unique opportunity to view life from outside of our comfort zones. It arrived to teach us the lessons that can only be taught through the presentation of obstacles. We were challenged to look at our lives with new perspective and to mindfully absorb the lessons being taught without rushing to action.  The lessons learned through trial are often the most important lessons of all so if you feel you have moved through this eclipse season in a reactive state take a moment this new moon to take on the role of the passive observer. Spend some time alone contemplating the events that have unfolded over the past few months and journal about what you have learned from your experiences.

The new moon in Leo will allow you to repair any lingering tension in your relationships but it is advised that you hold off on any major adjustments until Mercury goes out of retrograde on August 19th. Leo energy is confident and outgoing but may also bring an element of aggression and feistiness to the drama that is already being stirred up by Mercury. Don’t engage in petty drama or unnecessary conflict at this time unless you are prepared for an all-out “cat” fight. It is best to focus on your close relationships, nurturing and appreciating them until 19th when the energy begins to settle. If there are any loose ends that need to be tied up involving past relationships, now is the time. Relationships that no longer serve you need to be cleared away, so you will have space to focus on the connections that support your highest good moving forward. Leo is very protective of those closest to them, so it is important that you tap into the energy that is available now and let those in your circle know that they can depend on your support. If you know someone who is going through a difficult situation, now is the time to stand beside them and to let them know that they are not fighting alone. The new moon in Leo also provides us with the opportunity to have fun and to embrace the people and opportunities around us. If you feel like your relationships have become stagnant, try shaking things up with an exciting outing or activity. Don’t hesitate to try something new and adventurous.

You may find yourself feeling a bit stuck and out of touch at this time, which can be expected as we transition out of the emotionally powerful energy of the last full moon. If you find that you are feeling out of sync don’t panic. Your spiritual body is possessing all that has passed over the last few months. The lessons you have learned are now being integrated so that you can move forward with a new understanding. This time of stagnation is temporary, and you will find that a new path awaits you on the other side of it. It is best to hold off on any major decisions until the energy of this solar eclipse has past.  Don’t rush the process by trying to figure everything out all at once. Instead, use this time to embrace the vibrant qualities that this new moon has to offer.

This new moon encourages you to let your light shine. Tap into your inner confidence and allow yourself to be seen as you are. This is not the time to hide out of fear. Take a step out into the spotlight. Rather than worrying about how things are going to play out you should be embracing WHO you are and WHERE you are right now and using it to your advantage. Be proud of who you are and learn to love yourself again. It is time to face the world with fearless courage. The possibilities are endless for you right now and your only limitation is yourself. Leo does not bow down but fights with passion and persistence. If you can’t fight for anything else right now, fight for yourself. Leo also embraces creativity so don’t be afraid to stand out or to take a bold risk. Make sure you spend some time on yourself this new moon and give some thought to anything that has been negatively impacting your mind, body, or spirit. If you find that something or someone has been dulling your sparkle now is the time to make a move and take your life back. Your time, attention, and energy is worthy of respect so it is important that you take appropriate measures to ensure that your energy is being spent on things that enhance your quality of life rather than deplete it.

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