Foundations of Astrology Course


We are excited to offer the long-awaited Foundations of Astrology Course! The course will be a 5-week intensive where students will learn the history and practical application of this ancient science and how it affects our lives and the world. No prior knowledge or experience is required as this course is set up for both beginners of Astrology and those who are familiar with it but want to gain a deeper understanding.

About the Course Facilitator

“Aadei” is an astrology enthusiast and knows how to illustrate the auspicious things in astrotheology, but also excels at getting down to the sometimes ugly reality of truth.  She is blessed with an emotional stability that gives life to many mystified concepts.  While this subject may overwhelm some, her teaching style is focused on where others may have left you lost in confusion.

She has a creative take-charge nature, but everything is done with a deliberate style so that each building block is on solid ground.

This foundational astrology course is an exciting and interesting journey through the cosmos!!

Course Dates: Wednesday, October 24th – November November 21st
Weekly Class: Every Wednesday from 6p-8:30p (@Kindred Spirits)
*Exception: Class for Wednesday, Oct 31st (Halloween) will be held on Thursday, November 1st.
Course Cost: $175 (flexible payment options are available)

Course Includes: 

  • Weekly Interactive Class
  • Online Resources 
  • Free Birth Chart Analysis

Syllabus Overview:

Getting to Know My Roots
-Holy Trinity {Mind-Moon/Emotions Body-Sun/Personality Soul-Ascendant/ Will}
-The Heavenly Body
– Communication is Key
– Serenity

Getting To Know Others
-Siblings/Extended Family

Getting to Know My Past Life While Understanding My Life’s Purpose
-North Node/Rahu-
Life’s Mission
-South Node/ Ketu- Past Lives/Karmic Ties
-Chiron-Wounded Healer
-Releasing Karmic Debt

Getting to Know My Mission 
-My Occupation-How I Serve My Lifestyle
-My Gift- How I Serve God
-My Purpose- How I Serve Humanity
-Creating A Personal Mission Statement