Light Within Shadows

Written by: Antonina Whaples


Photo by Antonina Whaples, copyright Antonina Whaples May 2018

Artistic expression has always been a deep and pervasive part of the Shamanic traditions, and especially that of my own lineage. In my medicine hoop, among my closest allies, are other artists and musicians who are dedicating their Qi to the massive healing that our nation, The United States of America, desperately needs.

Visual, two-dimensional art such as drawing and painting, was my first outlet for my gifts, allowing me to make sense of the intuitive capacities that I was born with. My mother’s house is decorated with many of my pieces, ranging from my initial childhood expressions, to my more matured compositions. On the bookshelf of our childhood playroom is one of the first icons that I painted after a powerful medicine dream I had of the Virgin Mary as a Rainbow Warrior.

I knew from a young age that committing to artistic expression was part of my life path as a healer. For many of my formative years, this expression served mostly as a self soothing meditative practice that allowed me to identify many layers of my personal consciousness as I practiced viewing the world around me. In my shamanic hoop, the ability to SEE spiritual layers of the world is prioritized in order to nurture those with these special abilities and to cultivate the many beneficial spiritual fruits of this practice.

When I was about fourteen years old I was given an assignment from a teacher to create a still life in grey tones of a series of clear, reflective glass objects. This project allowed me to begin to really see into the shadows of the objects that I was drawing. Within each shadow and reflection there seemed to be another one. My job was to decide what level of detail of shadow to pursue, and to pursue that detail to my satisfaction and skill level.

Many years later I am in deep appreciation for this exercise, as it taught me how to see light within shadow, a practice that I use within my shamanic healing practice. Reading energy within a person’s being has many similarities to visual exploration of the dimensional reality that we are in relationship with on a daily basis.

If learning to read shadow medicine is part of a lineage or toolset that your are exploring in your personal spiritual path, I highly recommend honing your skills by engaging in some observational exercises that can be funneled into an object of creation.

In our troubling and shadowed times, it is of utmost importance that individuals take responsibility for their own shadow-lives by grounding their excess yang energy into spiritual expression via artistic pursuits. This rebellious act of creation gives power to the positive energies trying to re-establish stability in this nation.

We are certainly a nation under a deep spiritual and psychic attack. Our women, children, and minorities have been under spiritual attack for many generations, and the spiritual agreements made by those generationally long-gone are still in effect. It is this generation’s duty to take a stand on the spiritual planes and set into effect new groundwork to support those who will come after us for the next wave of healing.

If you are a healer who is beginning to unlock their visual creative potential, I recommend a few resources:

* Take a local arts and crafts class

* Check out a book on drawing or making from your library, a few great titles are “Drawing With Children,” “Drawing from the Right Side of Your Brain,” and “Keeping a Nature Journal”

* Finding a “Sit-Spot” and practicing “Owl Vision”.

* Working and meditating with Banded Carnelian, Rhodonite and/or Rhodochrosite, Smoky Quartz, and Fluorite