This is one of my favorite, tried & true rituals for opening the roads to abundance in my home & life. I’ve been using this ritual personally for several years and I thought I’d share it with you 😉

It’s a simple working that really only requires an abundance candle, abundance crystals (here I’ve used pyrite & clear quartz, but others like citrine, yellow jasper, etc. will work just fine), a glass of cool water, some abundance oil and your wallet.

According to the Bagua, or Feng Sui map, the point if power for prosperity in your home is within the furthest-most corner to the front left of your home as you enter the front door. This is where I suggest you setup your altar for this working to draw in the most energy.

[[ Ritual Setup ]]

Spend a moment with your candle, while envisioning your most abundant self. Feel in to what it feels like to be prosperous and lacking nothing.

Anoint your candle with the abundance oil, massaging it in a clockwise motion and then in a downward motion along the sides of the candle. Make prayers for the roads of abundance to be open in your home and in your life, calling forth creative opportunities and awareness. As you pray, push the energy of abundance that you’ve been envisioning into the candle with each breath and word.

Lay your prosperity stones in the 4 Cardinal Directions surrounding the candle (starting with East, South, West and North)

Pour a glass of cool water while giving thanks and inviting Spirit (i.e. Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, Universe, Source…) and the spirits of your most helpful ancestors to assist you in this work.

Take your wallet into your hands and speak words of prosperity and abundance into it. Lay it on the altar you’ve created (wherever you feel most appropriate is fine)

Now you are ready to light your candle. After setting your light, spend a moment gazing into the flame. Now is a good time to complete your prayers of abundance, envisioning yourself as having all you need, while gazing upon the flame. Give thanks to your helping spirits and let the candle burn down completely.

**I love doing this working with a plant of some sort nearby. I actually keep a running vine plant in the prosperity corner of my home to anchor and maintain the energy of growth and abundance in my life. Bonus points if you want to incorporate that layer into your work as well 😄

Let me know how it works for you!

May your roads be opened, and your life full of abundance!

Asé! Asé Asé 🙏🏽💫

-RJ Walker
@rj_walker (IG)