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Antonina Whaples

(Many Names, Many Faces)

Antonina was born into a Shamanic lineage. While a child she struggled with her abilities, not knowing what they were, how to use them, or how to fit them into the context of Catholicism/Christianity, her childhood religion. After a series of harrowing life events, Antonina’s ancestors transmitted the knowledge of their sacred ways to her through sacred plant medicine. She uses this knowledge and the skill set of an Alchemist, Daoist, and Herbalist to help her clients move into health, wellness, and spiritual balance. Her goal is to mirror to you the Love that you are, and teach you to cultivate that Love in practical ways in your life: financial success, family harmony, spiritual bliss, and physical health. She is especially talented at helping activate the healing to move past childhood trauma and shame, especially that stemming from strict religious upbringing. She can help you to claim your birthrite spiritual traditions in the context of your core values and belief systems.

Offering: Shamanic & Alchemical work & Clinical Herbalism
Schedule: By appointment only


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RJ Walker

RJ, born and raised in Winston-Salem, is a creative who views our experience in this life as deeply connected. A shaman from Native American & African American lineage, RJ is shaped by his intuitive qualities and uses an array of spiritual tools and practices to access insight and divine guidance by channeling Spirit. As an apprentice to Antonina Whaples and initiate of her Siberian Shamanic lineage, RJ has amassed a broad range of spiritual and alchemical knowledge which he uses to help others affect positive change in their lives and situations. RJ invites clients to join in his revered practice of moon rituals to harness the energies of the new and full moons. He believes that moon phases are a time of positive opportunity if you use them correctly. They are also great times for communicating with your higher self, guides and ancestors. His compassionate nature and inherent mysticism are integrated with his life experiences, Christian upbringing, and energy work to help others connect with their highest self and to receive support on their soul journey.

Offering: Shamanic Healing / Tarot / Reiki

Schedule: By appointment


Miranda Allivato

I am an intuitive Tarot and oracle card reader. I have a Christian upbringing which has taught me to value compassion and acceptance of all people. I believe that Tarot is both spiritual and psychological. I use my connection to spirit to help my clients connect with their own inner truth and to assist them in realizing and actualizing their own solutions to the issues at hand. I am empathetic and supportive of each individuals chosen path and I value an open dialogue between myself and my clients. I genuinely care about others and value the universal connection we all share.

Offering: Tarot Readings

Sarah Jennings

Sarah deals with energy, how it manifests in, and how to heal it in many different ways. She is a tarot reader, yoga and meditation teacher, and a Reiki 1 healer. She believes that true knowledge is that which we already know but do not realize, and that which is heard. She uses her intuition in all of her practices, as well as her knowledge of chakras and auras to open herself and others up to the messages they need to receive, and to give them guidance in their every day struggles.

Offering: Tarot Readings