Written by: Antonina Whaples

The beginning of the year is an excellent time to dig deep into the base Chakras to do clearing, healing, and planting work for the nourishment, opening, and balancing of the Chakra system. We are sitting in the North of the medicine wheel with sweetgrass, the buffalo, and the water element. The water element connects with our Kidneys and the Essence/Jing that is held there. As such, it is a place from whence we pull our willpower. If you have been making resolutions this year, the Root Chakra is a good place to start meditation and to center healing work around in order to set up energy that will be of benefit to your more specific goals. Our bodies and spiritual systems speak to us on a daily basis through our thoughts, emotions, and inclinations. There are many ways in which we can manifest healing around our specific needs. In this article, I will be discussing some ways in which you can focus on your Root Chakra specifically, in order to implement the grounding and strength necessary to assist in the alignment of the body/mind/spirit connection and the opening and cultivation of the higher Chakras and spiritual development.

I like to joke with my apprentice RJ that when someone comes into the store looking for something for the third eye, they are really looking for Root Chakra assistance. Most people who visit us already have very open and developed third eye capabilities, but lack grounding and further connectivity to the Jing level of reality in order to use their gifts in an efficient and balanced manner. This lack is not a sign of a weakness or underdevelopment of a person, and should not be seen as a judgement. It is symptom of our cultural disconnect with our own nature, and that includes mother nature herself. Daily meditative practice and grounding is a good way in which to access our human nature and activate the Root Chakra.
A simple grounding exercise is to be outside as much as possible. Being exposed to the elements aligns our system with that of the planet and allows us to be in better communication with her, and the elements which make her up. This type of exposure may need to be gradual for some people, and some may find it more difficult this time of year during cold constrictive temperatures. Nonetheless, there is little as grounding as actually being on the ground and letting nature surround you with her teachings and blessings.

Another simple and passive healing technique is to carry stones whose medicine vibrates in both the Jing (physical) and the Qi (energetic) fields. Many of these stones are very dark in color and tend to be black or dark red (although there are always exceptions to the rules). At our store we have our stones arranged on our slate walls under the Chakra system. The first slat wall on your left hand side is dedicated to the Root Chakra, and all the stones there correspond to Root Chakra healing.

Most Root Chakra stones are also protective stones and help to ground and transmute negative energies that come at us from electronics and psychic attack. The most powerful Root Chakra stone by far is Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is a negative energy magnet in the most useful of ways. It absorbs and transmutes negative spiritual vibrations, grounds and protects the aura of the user, and also repairs damages to the lower Chakras.

It is paramount to cleanse and clear your Black Tourmaline from any negative energy quite frequently because it can become a negative object itself if it is not regularly cleared. There are many techniques for clearing stones. Two classic and appropriate ways are to leave the stone in the light of the full moon, or to bury it in the ground (or the dirt of a potted plant). I have buried many Black Tourmalines over the course of time, including the piece that I wore and transmute a dark spiritual attachment from a Masonic lineage during a Kambo ceremony with another shaman. I have used Black Tourmaline for many years to grid out spaces to bind away negative spiritual forces and create a safe haven for myself in the spiritual work that I do.

A simple way to start to grid physical spaces for protection is to take at least four Black Tourmaline stones and place one in each corner of a room. Sometimes people want to start by gridding their entire home, or property. This is also appropriate. But it is also of benefit to go room to room in each home and grid the home. I recommend that you make sure that your physical space has been cleansed and cleared before you start a grid. Although gridding can be a way to cleanse and clear, traditional cleansing with smoke from herbs such as Sage, Frankincense, Myrhh, Palo Santo, Copal, etc is also of benefit in these situations. If you are like me and have a fiesty cat, you may not be able to be successful at in home gridding because little stones become toys, and cats like to channel energy!

Doing gridding and protection work is also a good passive way to do Root Chakra clearing and healing to yourself on the daily, as having your spaces feel safe and inviting to your spirit body and will allow your spirit to stay more fully in your body, and for the Chakras to open to allow your spiritual energy to rise and develop along that system.

We are hoping to get as many Root Chakra stones as possible into the hands of our community this month, and as such we are reducing all of our Root Chakra products by 35% until the end of February. If you would like help clearing a space, setting up grids, cleaning/cleansing/charging existing or new stones, or need a Chakra healing and cleansing my personal office hours are now Mondays 11-6pm at the boutique. This day only I will take walk-in appointments. If you would like an appointment outside that time frame, please email me at antonina@kindredspirits.ws so that we can set a time to meet and discuss your needs.