Written by: Antonina Whaples

With Spring upon us, the opening of the East Directional gate, and the awakening of the plant spirits and guides associated with the East (most notably, tobacco), we are all shifting through our Sacral Chakras. Here in the South East, we have been experiencing intuitive and physical oscillations between the Root and Sacral Chakras for the past month. Currently, Mercury is Retrograding, offering opportunities for deep conversations around energies that we’ve already passed through and which could use some finishing work with this focus around speaking up for our creative centers. Often when we experience this perceptual shift with the intuitive center of our creative power place in the Sacral Chakra, we should also be looking at its corresponding Chakra, the Throat Chakra. This Mercury Retrograde offers us the tools and opportunity to bring a voice to those things which our Sacral Chakras are craving: communication about the Kidney and Bladder meridians of the Water Element rising into the Liver meridians and granting us the sensory experiences we’ve been cultivating for this yang thrust into Spring and all we’ve been placing our hopes on during the dark hours of the last minutes of the Winter season and the direction of the North.

With such energy streams correlating together in these aspects, our focus with the Sacral Chakra this month is for opening, clearing, and encouraging a rise of energy through the kundalini pathways. Good tools for creating opportunities for this work are weekly baths with Root, Sacral, and Throat Chakra stones:

Particularly useful are Black Tourmaline for grounding and protection, Red Jasper for building and rooting, Orange Calcite for qi transfusion, and Sunstone for stimulation of the Sacral Chakra. For the Throat Chakra to work in tandem with these goals, Sodalite, Chrysoprase, and Gibsite lend their power. To finish off the work, a good all-purpose energy clearing and healing stone, such as the ever-useful Selenite can be added for healing, clearing, and sealing the chakra system and auric fields.

Incenses and essential oils to burn or diffuse while bathing or meditating with these stones are Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Copal, Opium, Jasmine, and Lemongrass.

For best results for working with the energies of this particular cycle, you may want to come in for some help selecting stones specifically for your unique goals and energy body needs. Chakra healings and cleansings, cord cuttings and cleanings, and Crystal Healings are other services that can support and amplify this work, and such an investment during this particular time would be of benefit to harvest and harness the natural energy being offered by these seasonal and astrological opportunities.