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The store rate is $1/minute for most modalities unless noted otherwise in reader's profiles.

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RJ Walker

// Owner @ Kindred Spirits

RJ is a shaman and vodouisant from a Central-West African lineage. His spiritual practice is informed by his birth-rite connection to Vodou, southern conjure and rootwork.  Born and raised in Winston-Salem, RJ is a creative who views our experience in this life as deeply connected. Shaped by his intuitive qualities, RJ uses an array of spiritual tools and practices to access insight and divine guidance by channeling Spirit. As an apprentice to Antonina Whaples and initiate of her Siberian Shamanic lineage, RJ has amassed a broad range of spiritual and alchemical knowledge which he uses to help others affect positive change in their lives and situations. His compassionate nature and inherent mysticism are integrated with his life experiences, Christian upbringing, and energy work to help others connect with their highest self and to receive support on their soul journey. RJ offers divinatory and ritual work here within his hometown community and nationally.

Booking: By appointment only

Offering: Shamanic Healing | Ritual/Rootwork | Divination | Reiki

Antonina Whaples

(Many Names, Many Faces) // Owner @ Kindred Spirits

Antonina was born into a Shamanic lineage. While a child she struggled with her abilities, not knowing what they were, how to use them, or how to fit them into the context of Catholicism/Christianity, her childhood religion. After a series of harrowing life events, Antonina’s ancestors transmitted the knowledge of their sacred ways to her through sacred plant medicine. She uses this knowledge and the skill set of an Alchemist, Daoist, and Herbalist to help her clients move into health, wellness, and spiritual balance. Her goal is to mirror to you the Love that you are, and teach you to cultivate that Love in practical ways in your life: financial success, family harmony, spiritual bliss, and physical health. She is especially talented at helping activate the healing to move past childhood trauma and shame, especially that stemming from strict religious upbringing. She can help you to claim your birthrite spiritual traditions in the context of your core values and belief systems.

Offering: Shamanic & Alchemical work & Clinical Herbalism
Schedule: By appointment only


Instagram: PiedmontHerbSchool

Pooh Merritt

Pooh Merritt has been reading tarot for over 25 years & became aware of her intuitive abilities around the age of 5. She was raised in Eastern NC with a great respect for Nature, learning about trees, plants, rocks, crystals, fossils from her parents who were both raised on tobacco farms. A great deal of her childhood was spent camping, hiking, gardening, playing music and cooking for Southern Baptist potluck suppers. Ms. Merritt is a professional musician with a BM from UNCSA and graduate studies from Boston University. She plays French horn locally and through the Southeast

Pooh is a certified Usui Reiki Master (Teacher) & Dadaochangong Qigong Instructor & has been teaching in North Carolina for 14 years. She has been working professionally as a healer concentration on the modalities of Reiki, Healing Touch & Qigong along with Intuitive Guidance. Her healing sessions are tailored to meet the highest good of her clients & usually includes an amalgam of modalities, as well as the use of therapeutic grade essential oils, crystal grids & gemstones.

Offering:  Mediumship | Tarot | Reiki
Rate: $1/minute
$75/hour (Reiki)

Mika Rose

Jamika Burnette, born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC, offers spiritual guidance and healing through methods of energy-based therapy, and intuitive management.  Most of her abilities are naturally developed, as other techniques applied to heal, have been directly handed down from her Lumbee-Indian and African-American heritage.  As a Reiki 2 practitioner, she offers intuitive Reiki sessions, which are customized to each individual based on what the client’s spiritual, physical, and emotional needs are during a therapy session. In addition, Jamika provides spiritual aid directly from your spiritual support team, utilizing Oracle/Angel card readings, the ancient art of Tea Leaf/ card readings, or Cartomancy fortune telling. Each session is also accompanied by the use crystal healing, which harnesses the elements of the Earth and Universe to supercharge, align, clear, and transform the energy of your charka system to a healthier state. Jamika’s aim is to assist you, by helping you learn the process of natural healing, and to help you gain balance and alignment in your life in order to restore your overall well-being. The intuitive Reiki offered, is geared to aid in one’s life-journey and to assist you with connecting to your higher self, and therefore, learn to heal from the inside out. Every meeting is conducted from a place of pure love and light, and is intended to help one confront and handle life’s difficulties, relieve emotional stresses, and improve one’s overall view of themselves and their life-journey/purpose from a place of the highest love and compassion.

  Intuitive Reiki Healing | Tarot Reading | Oracle Readings
Rate: $75/hour | $1/minute (tarot & oracle)


Aadei comes from a strong Ghanian ancestral heritage.  Her West African bloodline runs deep in art of healing for the mind, body and soul. Along with her ancestral roots with alchemy and mysticism, she had also earned a bachelor’s degree in metaphysics paired with her licensure as an Ordained Minister of Astrotheology.

She specializes in Vedic Astrology as a lifestyle science, analyzing birthstar charts and using the cosmos to administer self-fulfilling prophesies, explore past lives and even create personalized diet plans!  For years she has work with married couples and long term lovers offering services for couple’s marriage advisory, pre and post marital counseling, operating as a wedding officiant and relationship sexologist.

Feel free to book her for any of the following services:

BIRTHSTAR Chart Analysis
BIRTHSTAR Relationship Compatibility
Pre or Post Marital Consulation

30 Mins-$45
60 Mins-$60
5 Sessions- (30 mins)- $200
(60 mins)- $250


Camille was born in Winston Salem, but spent her formative years in Queens, New York. Upon relocating and finding her footing, Camille came into healing work and became a Doula. Camille was encouraged to tap into her craft by friend and mentor, Antonina Whaples. In her personal journey, she beseeches her ancestral roots and the source of her skill set. Thus, through Kindred Spirits, she hopes to serve as a vessel to help others find the answers they too, cannot find.

Offering: Tarot Readings

Sara González

Sara González is a Winston-Salem native, with degrees in Philosophy and Literature, Latin American studies and Business Management from Wake Forest University. She has been a lifetime contributor to the local community, as well as communities in Central and South America. Her professional life is dedicated to taking care of guests, and she has pursued a career in hospitality, food and beverage, as well as the ethics of food, since she was in middle school. Her first position, as a dishwasher and prep cook, was at California Fresh Buffet 15 years ago. She has since interned and partnered with farms, bed & breakfasts, supper clubs, pop-up dinners, vineyards, wineries, and a host of other related ventures. She has a wide breadth and depth of experience in venture capital, strategy, operations management, talent acquisition, communication and branding.

She has been studying and practicing herbalism, tarot, divination, and other healing modalities to further her own understanding of phenomenology, neuroscience, creativity, and energy work. As an advocate for mental health, trauma, addiction and recovery, food security, intellectual property and the commons, she enjoys connecting people with resources and support within the larger community. She offers pro-bono and sliding scale consulting for non-profits and start-ups, as well as tutoring in foreign languages.
She may be reached via email at or via Kindred Spirits.
Offering: Tarot Readings